3 Fight plan for : Miguel Berchelt

This will be sort of similar as my one to watch pieces where it will be a long lasting series that goes through many different fighters. The inaugural piece will be about one of my favorite fighters right now Miguel Berchelt.

Berchelt currently holds the WBC Super Featherweight world title which means he has a lot of good options going forward. I’m going to be realistic for my three fights as its just wishful thinking that his next three fights would all be against the other champions.

The first fight should be versus Oscar Valdez who has recently moved up to the weight and is the number one contender for the WBC. This is an excellent fight and also most likely the biggest fight that Berchelt would have been involved with. This fight was already rumored to be happening so we might actually see this happen.

The second fight of the three fight plan would be versus Jamel Herring the WBO champ. This should be an easy fight to make as both are signed to Top Rank and will be available to fight each other if they win their intermediate bouts before hand. Herring is a good champion who is huge at the weight which may give Berchelt problems but boxing is all about challenging yourself and he should take the fight if he can. Herring has shown he can be hurt in fights but is also a very good fighter who has one of the more underrated jabs in boxing in my opinion.

The third fight should be versus Andrew Cancio who’s a top 10 guy at Super Featherweight. He came from no where to stun Alberto Machado and take his world title though officially its the WBA’s “regular” title which means it doesn’t really count. He beat a very good opponent in Machado though and is a popular fighter and one of the bigger names in the Super Featherweight division. He also recently signed to Top Rank which means the fight will be easy to make.

If these three fights happen in the next year or so It’ll really add to Berchelts legacy and solidify his run at 130 pounds which is currently the best of the active champions.

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