Demetrius Andrade unable to get a big fight.

Andrade has been a champion at middleweight for over a year now but still hasn’t been able to land himself a big fight. Truthfully he hasn’t been able to get a big fight in his career at all which considering hes been a champion of some sort or another since 2013 is insane. Hes on the same platform as the two biggest names in the middleweight division(Canelo, Golovkin) but hasn’t been able to entice either into the ring. An offer was sent to Jermall Charlo which would have been a big fight but he turned it down for some reason even though he has no big names to fight at middleweight either.

I think Andrade can’t get a big fight for a few reasons. One is that he has an awkward style and can be a hard nights work for anyone. Two is that he doesn’t bring a huge payday and hes not really a name to casual fans so the top guys like Canelo and Golovkin would rather fight more known fighters. In Golovkins case he clearly wants to have a few easy fights then fight Canelo for the third time for a big payday and then retire and I don’t blame him. Hes given everything to the sport only to be robbed of his greatest victory in that first Canelo fight.

This leaves Andrade in a holding position where he has lack lustre defences against opponents that aren’t on his level which has given him a reputation among boxing fans of being boring and not fighting anyone good. People like to forget that he was scheduled to fight Billy Joe Saunders which would have been a relatively big fight but Saunders popped dirty in a drug test and that opportunity was taken away from Andrade. Saunders was then given a chance to get his belt back and fight Andrade but instead decided to go up a weigh class and fight for a vacant title.

I don’t see Andrade getting a big fight anytime soon and its likely that he’ll lose to someone like Liam Williams or some other younger fighter who is just coming up before he gets his big opportunity.

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