3 Fights I want too see in the Super Featherweight division.

While this Lock down is happening I’m going to go through each division and list 3 fights that I want too see that might not be as obvious as just saying I want unification fights(which we all do). First up is one of my favorite divisions which is the Super Featherweight division.

The first fight I want too see is Joseph Diaz versus Tevin Farmer 2. The first fight was quite entertaining and I’d happily see a second. Its also a fight that needs to happen as Farmer is to big of a name in the division to build up for another two years before getting a title shot. This fight is needed for this era of the super featherweights and I also think Tevin Farmer stands a better chance in this fight.

The second fight I want too see at Super Featherweight is Martin Joseph Ward versus Jono Carroll. I think Ward is an excellent fighter that just needs another chance at a big name and Carroll is a perfect fight for him. This is a good fight for Carroll as well as its a good domestic fight and I don’t see him getting a title shot any time soon. I think this fight would be highly entertaining and the winner would be closer to a title shot.

The third fight I want too see is Masayuki Ito versus Archie Sharp. Ito has an exciting style and Sharp often gets involved when he doesn’t need too so this fight could be fireworks. This is also a good comeback fight for Ito versus a good opponent whos highly ranked. Its also perfect for Sharp because its the step up in competition he needs before fighting for a world title and if he beats him its a good name on his resume. Hopefully this would get made in the UK as I would happily go as I find both of their fights entertaining normally.

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