Idea’s for boxing fans to do while in lockdown.

Its been a few weeks now and i’m sure that a lot of people have exhausted most of the great old fights and are now wondering what to do. If you don’t want to watch more boxing perhaps read a book or watch a new TV series, Anything to not go insane while we’re all cooped up at home. If you do want to watch more boxing I’ve got a few recommendations which will surely last you a while.

The first is to go to boxrec and choose a division and then go through every title fight that has ever happened in that division. This will take you a long time and you’ll likely find some hidden gems in there. You will also know a huge amount about that division and any fights taking place in that division will mean a lot more to you in the future.

My other recommendation is to go and find an active world champion that you haven’t watched and go through some of their fights. This is the perfect time to catch up on some of the lesser known champions and title fights you missed.

Those two recommendations should keep you busy for a long time and combined with watching TV series or doing other hobbies it should last you until the lock down is over.

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