Fighters that will benefit from this break.

While this break from boxing will not help a lot of boxers for certain ones this could be a hidden blessing.

The first fighter that this could help is Deontay Wilder who was supposed to be fighting Tyson Fury in the summer. That fight has been cancelled which gives Wilder more time to make adjustments to win the third fight. The longer he has the more he will be able to work on his boxing and a gameplan to beat Fury. It also gives Fury more time to go off the rails again which is another added benefit for Fury.

Erroll Spence will also benefit as it will put more time between his car accident and the next time he fights which is always a positive. He may still have a few lingering affects and the extra months off may help him significantly as training is hard and you wouldn’t want to make a pre existing injury worse.

The last fight is Gary Russell Jr and this is mostly because he doesn’t have to make any excuses for only fighting once a year. He was supposed to be going up in weight this year anyway so this extra time will help him adjust to whatever weight class he goes too. I’m not a big fan of how the WBC belt has been held hostage for so many years and I either want him to get properly active or vacate and let someone actually defend it more than once a year. He is the worst case of wasting your career that I have ever seen if i’m honest.

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