Who would fight for the vacant IBF middleweight title?

Due to the Corona Virus there is a chance that Canelo will not fight Billy Joe Saunders and will instead skip straight to a third fight with GGG. This would likely mean that their fight would be at 168 pounds and GGG would give up his IBF middleweight title. If the fight was at middleweight then GGG would still be stripped because he wouldn’t be facing his mandatory challenger. People have been speculating on whether this would happen but haven’t looked at who would actually fight for that vacant title.

Kamil Szeremeta

The first person in line for the title is Kamil Szeremeta a 21-0 fighter from Poland who has been operating at top European level but hasn’t really entered the world scene yet. He is mandatory to the title and so will 100% fight for it whether GGG vacates or not. Judging by his record you would think he is feather fisted but he does have decent power but not enough to hurt or KO top competition. Hes a good boxer but I don’t think he will beat the other top middleweights however he has a good chance of winning if GGG vacates or if GGG is even more washed than in his last fight.

Patrick Wojcicki

The second person who will fight for the title is Patrick Wojcicki a 14-0-1 German fighter. He like Kamil is a decent boxer but also doesn’t seem to have top level power. He has beaten a good European name in Ronny Mittag and has underrated wins versus Sven Elbir and Marcelo Fabian Caceres. He was also a 2012 Olympian and has good amateur pedigree.

If these two did fight for the title I think it would be a highly competitive fight and if i’m honest I’d rather see them fight each other for the title rather than GGG demolish them like he has so many others.

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