Should Billy Joe Saunders be punished for his domestic violence “joke”

This has been the most discussed topic in boxing this week largely due to there being nothing else to talk about. Saunders posted a video a few days ago giving instructions on how to hit your wife or girlfriend when your annoyed because your stuck with them in quarantine.

He wasn’t being serious with the video and was clearly joking but in my opinion making jokes about domestic violence is distasteful at the best of times much less the ones we are in now. With everyone being stuck indoors victims of domestic violence are more at risk than normal as they are constantly with their abuser with no breaks. Saunders making this video at this time was a stupid thing to do and I don’t know why someone near him didn’t tell him not to post it.

If this was the first time he’d made a mistake like this then I think suspending his boxing license and potentially stripping his world title would be a bit harsh as people make mistakes. The problem is he has continuously done it and hasn’t learn’t from his mistakes at all. At some point there has to be consequences for peoples actions and in this case Saunders might finally learn that not everything is a joke. He also told an airport that one of his mates had Corona Virus and got them kicked off the plane and stranded all as a “joke”. If you find it funny to screw your mates over that badly and also make domestic violence jokes at a time like this then you need to get your head looked at.

Hes had plenty of chances and yet continues to hurt his career because he can’t think before he posts things online. I don’t know how you can be so stupid to continuously do things like this especially when your close to the biggest fight of your career.

I’m also not a fan of how set up it was when he went to donate supplies to the NHS. For some reason he gave them water which makes zero sense but can we be surprised when it was just a quick pr stunt. They had multiple cameras all from different angles and then it just happened to be uploaded to IFL who are associated with MTK who manage Saunders. I’m sure he does do charity work but don’t try and pull a PR stunt after he does something stupid its insulting that they would think that people can’t work out whats going on.

Hopefully this finally gets Saunders to get his act together but in my opinion he hasn’t been the same in the ring since he had the nasal spray incident and hes always had questionable morals outside the ring. Hes a great boxer but perhaps not so great of a guy.

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