Super Welterweight is the best domestic division in the UK.

One of the things I most enjoy watching in boxing are fights at domestic level because firstly I can go to them and secondly we often get great story lines and fights. 154 is one of the most competitive divisions at domestic level in the UK and it feels like anybody could beat anybody on their night. We’ve already had some good match ups including Anthony Fowler versus Scott Fitzgerald and Ted Cheeseman versus Kieron Conway and also Scott Fitzgerald. We have the potential for all these guys to just continuously fight each and provide great fights with the eventual winner being close to a title shot.

I’m going to name a few guys in the division and then say what fights I personally want too see them in. Hopefully we can get them all to fight each other multiple times but I’d be happy with just half of the fights I want.

First up is Scott Fitzgerald who has rose in popularity after beating Ted Cheeseman and Anthony Fowler last year. I’d like too see him versus James Metcalf who is currently 21-0 or a Anthony Fowler rematch as their first fight was great. If he carries on beyond domestic level I’d also be happy as he has got two big wins now so he can likely move on to bigger fights.

Second is Anthony Fowler who I want too see fight Ted Cheeseman because that was the fight that was being promoted for so long before both lost. I also want too see him in a rematch with Fitzgerald or a fight with Kieron Conway.

I’d like too see Kieron Conway in a rematch with Ted Cheeseman or fighting Scott Fitzgerald. I also wouldn’t mind him versus Troy Williamson.

I’d like too see James Metcalf fight Fitzgerald or Steven Donnelly as both fights are good stylistically. Though I really wouldn’t mind seeing him in with anyone at domestic level.

Troy Williamson is another fighter I don’t mind seeing fight anyone domestically however I especially want him versus Fitzgerald or Fowler. He was supposed to be fighting Steven Donnelly so hopefully that fight gets remade once everything gets back to normal.

I’d like too see Steven Donnelly versus Williamson or Cheeseman but like all the people on this list I just want too see them fight people domestically.

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