Champions that I think will lose this year.

As we go through this Corona Virus its increasingly hard to find things to write about so if my pieces are a bit smaller than usual I apologize.

I’ve looked at all the current champions we have in boxing and these are the ones that I think will lose this year due to one reason or another.

First on the list is Billy Joe Saunders which is one of the more obvious picks as hes facing Canelo which seems like an impossible task. Canelo is one of the best fighters on the planet while Saunders hasn’t looked great recently. He needs a big fight win or lose to truly cap off his career and the Canelo fight does that for him so hopefully that fight can get put back on once everything finishes.

Next up is Gennadiy Golovkin someone that people might not agree with me on but i’ll explain my reasons. Firstly hes 37 almost 38 and doesn’t look like the fighter he once was which might not be a problem versus his next opponent but if he fights Canelo later this year then he’ll likely lose and it may even retire him. Hes had massive amounts of amateurs fights and also lots of pro fights at the top level so its no wonder its catching up with him now. I think even if he doesn’t fight Canelo he has a good chance of losing if he faces anyone young with ambition and he has an off night.

Patrick Teixeira is one of the fighters that I didn’t think would win a world title and i’m glad he was able to achieve his dream especially be beating a good fighter in Carlos Adames where he was the underdog. I don’t think however that hes likely to win his next fight though if he proves me wrong I would be very happy. No one holds on to their titles at 154 for very long and I don’t think Teixeira will be any different.

The next fighter is Teofimo Lopez who will be fighting Lomachenko next. Lopez has the ability and the size to pull it off but I personally think he’ll lose though it will be a good experience for him.

The next fighter is Rey Vargas who has been a champion for a while. I think he’ll lose his title because he must be struggling to make weight at this point and its rumored he’ll be fighting Luis Nery soon who I think has the capability to beat him. If he isn’t struggling to make weight he could continue winning for a while more however due to his size.

John Riel Casimero will likely lose his next bout versus Naoya Inoue which is why I have picked him. Hes a very good fighter but hes going against someone who I think is elite and while it might be competitive I think Inoue will stop him.

The last champion I think will lose this year is Moruti Mthalane. One of the reasons I think he will lose is because hes 37 and at Flyweight that is ancient. I also think he will likely unify versus Julio Cesar Martinez and lose that fight though if he was a decent sized underdog I would back him as hes a very good fighter.

Some of these will make it through this year being world champions and some others that looks like they will make it for a long time will be upset by people we didn’t expect to win and thats one of the reasons I love boxing. You don’t know who will win until you fight the fights.

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