Robson Conceicao the gold medalist no one knows.

Conceicao won gold at the 2016 Olympic games and signed with Top Rank to begin his professional career. You would think that a gold medalist would be pushed quite quickly but he hasn’t made any impact at all in the professional game so far compared to what he did in the amateurs.

I don’t understand why this is considering he hasn’t really put a foot wrong so far in the professional game. Perhaps its because hes from Brazil and Top Rank think they have people that are more marketable to properly promote in the division hes in. However I personally don’t think this would be the reason yet I can’t figure out why hes being moved so slowly.

I want too see him more active as he hasn’t fought for 9 months and at the age of 31 needs to get a big fight soon. From reports I’ve seen it does seem he had a fight scheduled but it was cancelled due to the Corona Virus which is unfortunate.

Hopefully when the Virus finally dies down he can start making big step ups in his career as many 2016 Olympians are now reaching world level.

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