Chayaphon Moonsri : boxing’s longest active world champion

Moonsri has held the same WBC minimum weight title since November the 6th 2014. As of today he has held it for over 5 years which is an incredible feat no matter what division your in. He has never unified however and only fought in Thailand which along with the division hes in is why hes not very well known. This piece is more about how hes the longest active reigning world champion right now.

To put it into prospective he has reigned through the last year of Obama’s presidency and almost through all of Trumps first term. In the UK hes out lasted David Cameron and Therasa May and is now running along side Boris Johnson. One of the only other champs near him was Wilder who was recently defeated which leaves Moonsri in a good lead on anybody else. Even long reigning champions like Jerwin Ancajas have only held their belts since late 2016. Being a champion for 5 years is very rare as at some point most boxers slip up or find an opponent that is just simply better than them. In Wilder’s case he was only able to reign so long because his competition was bad for most of his defenses. When he stepped up he struggled and within two years of mixing it with the top guys was beat.

I have noticed a trend among the long lasting champions which is that they often hold a WBC belt and I wonder if this is because the WBC are well known to bend their rules to protect the champions and aren’t that strict with mandatory’s. It could also be that many people view it as the most prestigious belt and so they don’t go to unify because they feel they don’t need too.

I’m not sure how much longer Moonsri will hold the belt for as he is 34 now and at minimum weight that is ancient. He also appears to be making a move to fight in the USA where he won’t have home advantage. I want to see him unify before some challenger ends his reign.

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