Should professional boxers be allowed to compete in the amateurs and do they have an advantage?

This has been a hot topic in boxing for a while now as more and more professionals go back to the amateurs for various reasons. For some its because their country has asked them too and for others its simply because they still want to achieve their Olympic dream.

Most professional boxers that go back to the amateur code don’t do very well as it is really is a completely different sport and the top amateurs will not lose to a pro over 3 rounds. Professional boxers are no longer used to the fast paced rounds of the amateurs and being a pro doesn’t give them extra strength or anything it just means they’ve boxed for money.

I’ve seen some people most notable the head of the WBC says its a disgrace and dangerous for professionals to go back but I disagree strongly. No one has ever explained how some one going pro gives them an advantage all people say is its unfair. Going pro doesn’t suddenly make you a better boxer in fact it makes you worse when you go back to the amateurs because your not used to that style. Saying that professionals have some advantage over top amateurs doesn’t make any sense and is just a case of moral outrage from people that can’t think logically.

The only reason this has become a big thing is because Bakhodir Jalolov went back to the amateurs and KO’d a top American amateur and the WBC president was outraged for no reason. Jalolov’s 6 professional bouts didn’t magically give him huge power and timing he already had that. This outrage doesn’t make any sense but then again its boxing where for some reason the more idiotic and slimy you are the higher you get.

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