5 fighters that Munguia could fight next.

As we now know Munguia isn’t going to fight Demetrius Andrade next we can now look at some potential opponents that he could face instead. Andrade is going to be fighting Liam Williams next which is a shame as he was going to be top of the list of realistic options for Munguia. He’s only 23 and was pushed into a world championship very quickly because the opportunity arose. This mean’t that hes had to do his learning on the job and now that hes not champion hes got some time to take developmental fights versus top 30 guys at middleweight. I’m going to be choosing realistic names he could actually face as we all know due to promotional sides lots of the best fights can’t be made.

At number 5 is Brandon Adams a former title challenger who is still in the prime of his career. The reason I think Adams would be a good fight for Munguia is because hes challenged for a title before but is also very beatable and will allow Munguia to test out what Erik Morales has been teaching him. He shouldn’t pose a huge threat to Munguia but still enough to make him work and Adams is a top 30 middleweight right now so its the perfect time to fight him. He went the distance with Jermall Charlo so if Munguia could stop him it would look good. The downsides of this match up is that Adams is only ranked in the WBC and isn’t very well known outside of losing to Charlo and winning the contender series.

Brandon Adams

The 4th fighter on this list is D’Mitrius Ballard who is currently 20-0-1. He has decent power but perhaps not at the elite level and should like Adams let Munguia work on improving. He will also be highly motivated because if he wins this fight then he would become a big name and likely get a title shot. I think this could be semi-competitive for 5 or so rounds before Munguia takes over and gets the KO. Another benefit of this match up is that Golden Boy get Ballard a big fight as he is one of their fighters. Another bonus is that hes undefeated and this not only helps sell the fight but undefeated fighters often have a bit extra in them to push through hardship because they don’t know what losing feels like yet. If he fights Adams or Ballard I’d like him to be very active and fight another 20-30 guy within a couple of months.

D’Mitrius Ballard

At number 3 is Kanat Islam a 27-0 fighter from Kazakhstan. Islam has had two fights back after a two year break and is looking to get back to title contention and a fight with Munguia would do that. Kanat would test Munguia and while he didn’t look great last time out I think he would be much better when given a big opportunity versus Munguia. He’s ranked third with the WBO which is useful as that is likely the belt that Munguia will go for soon. He also brings an undefeated record and a whole new fan base from Kazakhstan. He has good power which will make for an entertaining fight and thats what we want these fights to be while Munguia is learning. The whole point is to fight small names in the division that will give him good tests before he settles into middleweight and challenges one of the champions.

Kanat Islam

Maciej Sulecki is at number two on the list because hes a good fighter that has gone twelve rounds with both Andrade and Daniel Jacobs. His last fight was him challenging for the WBO title so this would be one of the better tests for Munguia at middleweight. Sulecki will be known in the USA because of his fights versus Jacobs and Andrade and will bring the Polish fan base with him. I think while Sulecki will test Munguia I also think that he can be KO’d as he has gone down in almost all of his big fights and if Munguia catches him like Andrade did he won’t let him off the hook. If he could say beat him by KO in 6 rounds it would be a good statement to the division and also be impressive to us fans.

Maciej Sulecki

The number one fighter I want too see him against at middleweight is Tureano Johnson. He would bring constant pressure to Munguia and really give him a fight. It would be very entertaining and also a fight that Munguia could lose. Johnson also deserves a big fight from Golden Boy after he pulled off the upset versus Jason Quigley last year and this fight would suffice. I think Johnson is the best fighter he can currently get at middleweight and hes also a fighter that Munguia could wear down over 12 rounds and potentially get a stoppage which would be impressive.

Tureano Johnson

Those are the five fighters that I think Munguia could realistically fight next and would all be entertaining fights though the top 3 would be much preferred. I think for being only 23 Munguia is a very good fighter and now that hes being given time to grow as a boxer he can become another Mexican great if everything turns out right. Hes also always in entertaining fights and KO’s his opponents most of the time which will always make me root for a fighter.

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