Is Tyson Fury Britains best ever heavyweight?

After Furys emphatic win last night in what is perhaps a career best performance we have to start looking at how he ranks up against the other all time great British Heavyweights. Fury has toppled both Wilder and Klitschko and stopped their long reigns as champions. He’s held every world title that you can get and has now won the ring magazine belt twice, the only other person to do that was Muhammed Ali. He has a few good wins versus contenders in this era in Chisora and Hammer but doesn’t yet have the deepest resume. Hes also only competed in 3 title bouts though those have been very significant ones. Skill wise everyone knew he was good just not that he could change up his style and bully the hardest punching heavyweight in history. I like Fury and I believe that hes the best of this era and will go down as an all time great heavyweight when its all said and done. All fighters search for their career defining fights and victories but Fury has had three massive ones that will go down in history and he arguably won them all.

As of right now I think Hes Britains second greatest heavyweight behind Lennox Lewis due to Lewis beating everyone in his era apart from Riddick Bowe who they couldn’t get a fight with. His resume really is great and like Fury hes got the big names on there like Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield (yes we know Tyson wasn’t in his prime) but he also has a litany of other notable names like David Tua, Hasim Rahman and so on. He is also a three time heavyweight champion of the world which is an incredible achievement. I think in time Fury can become our greatest heavyweight and he certainly has the skills to do it we just need too see how it plays out in the next couple of years to find out.

With this win over Wilder I am 100% certain that Fury will now make the boxing hall of fame because he has two massive wins against the best of his era and he also has a few other notable names already and the man is only 31. I hope we get too see him versus Anthony Joshua because those fights would be great and I would also back the Gypsy King to beat them all.


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