Wilder making excuses isn’t a good sign for the rematch.

Wilder today has said the reason he lost was because his outfit for his ring walk left him tired. When I first saw this I thought someone was joking at his expense but he somehow said this himself. I don’t believe it actually tired him out as its just a ridiculous excuse. Had him and his team never put it on before? it just doesn’t make any sense but I understand when a boxer takes their first loss its hard and its easy to make excuses instead of looking at what went wrong and correcting them. Hes also made comments about potentially firing Mark Breland because he threw in the towel and he’d told his team he’d rather die in the ring than that happen. His excuse with the ring outfit I can understand to an extent and potentially its true (we won’t ever know) but to throw the man who saved you from further damage under the bus isn’t right and Breland deserves better. He was looking out for Wilder and thinking about his health after all boxing is just a sport and Wilder has a family which is much more important than whether he stays a champion or not. He also said that he thought Breland was influenced to throw the towel in by Anthony Dirrell who is trained by Javan “Sugar Hill” Steward who obviously also trains Tyson Fury. This to me is a bit delusional to say the least and quite disrespectful to Breland who was the only one in that corner that cared for Wilder’s health enough to throw the towel in and save him from himself.

I don’t think any of this bodes well for a rematch as instead of working on things it seems like Wilder will use excuses and come in the same apart from potentially getting rid of one of the best members of his team in Breland. I know Wilder won’t read this but I just want to say that you’ll always be a champion to your kids and its not worth dying or getting badly injured over a sanctioning body belt when its your health that matters so much more than any stupid belt.

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