Can Wilder get into the hall of fame right now?

I’ve seen a few people questioning whether he can or not and I think it depends when he retires. If he retires on a year where not many good fighters retire he likely gets in otherwise he’ll have to wait a few years. I do think he gets into the hall of fame right now because hes defended his heavyweight title 10 times and is one of the biggest punchers in heavyweight history. I think that every heavyweight that has made 10 defences of their title has got in so far apart from Klitchscho and thats because he isn’t eligible yet. I think people forget that the boxing hall of fame isn’t too picky with who they put in so if you’ve fought some good names or made a lot of defences you’ll get in at some point. Personally I think Wilder needs to beat Fury to really cement his place there but I wouldn’t argue if he got in from his achievements now after all if Rocky Balboa can get in so can Wilder.

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