Wilder versus Fury 2 prediction and why we need more fights like this.

I’m not going to go into extensive detail because you would’ve already heard from much more qualified people than me about this fight. I think Wilder will win by KO somewhere in the second half of the fight after being behind on the scorecards. I think that after spending 12 rounds with Fury he’ll have worked out his style and will find an opening for his right hand at some point in the fight. Fury can obviously prove me wrong and out box him for 12 rounds but I think its more likely Wilder wins by KO.

We need more fights like this because it grows boxing and gets more people involved in the sport. People that don’t usually watch boxing will watch this fight and may get into the sport like I did after the first fight. Hopefully we see more mega fights like this because this is what the pinnacle of our sport is and yet we rarely see it. I can’t wait for this fight and I hope you all enjoy watching it as well


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