Yordenis Ugas and why he deserves another title shot

Ugas is a 33 year old Cuban welterweight who after some early set backs had a great run to get a title shot vs then champion Shawn Porter. When that moment came he took it and gave it his all and after 12 rounds it looked like his hard work would pay off and he’d become a champion. He’d done his job so surely the judges would do theirs? It wasn’t to be the case as two judges gave the fight to Shawn Porter who looked like he knew he was lucky to win that fight. Porter would go on to fight Errol Spence in a big unification which headlined a ppv all the while Ugas had to watch knowing it should have been him in that ring. Not only were the judges against him but the ref was as well, in the 12th round Ugas knocked Porter down and cemented that he won the fight but unfortunately for him the ref ruled it a slip and robbed him of having the winning punch.

Ugas is a great guy and is willing to take on all challengers as shown by when he took on the undefeated Omar Figueroa Jr in his next fight after losing to Porter. He didn’t ask for a tune up or take 6 months off he went right backing to grinding because he has a champions mentality. If you look through the division there isn’t anyone else who deserves another shot as much as him, Danny Garcia will get a title shot because hes a big name and does big numbers but his two wins since losing to Shawn Porter aren’t as good as what Ugas has done. Not only does Ugas have the better comeback win but he also did it much quicker while Danny Garcia has sat on the sidelines waiting for a title shot to be given to him instead of earning it.

I think Ugas will likely be avoided because hes to risky to fight for how little reward he brings compared to other easier fights. I’m going to be trying to get as much buzz around Ugas’s name as possible so that the TV networks and champions decide hes worth fighting , I hope you all will too as the guy deserves all the support he can get. If you want to watch him tonight you can catch him on Fox sports 1 in the US while in the UK you’ll have to hope someone streams it from ringside.

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