Jade Bornea, One to watch out for in 2020

Jade Bornea is a 24 year old super flyweight from the Philipines who later tonight will be making his US debut on UFC fight pass. He currently holds a record of 14-0 with 10 knockouts with a lot of those KO’s coming from body shots.

He has a good boxing brain and throws in beautiful combinations to the body and head with a focus on viscous body shots. What I like about his combinations is that he uses so many different ones and is a fluid puncher unlike many boxers who look like they’ve taken up some sort of extreme dance class and its their first session when asked to throw more than two punches at a time. He’s a good fighter to watch because he doesn’t try very hard to avoid shots he blocks them with his gloves or takes the sting off them by moving slightly but hes not going to throw a jab out for 12 rounds on his bike. This means we are going to see him in some exciting wars in the future as long as he gets a promoter behind him because he hasn’t been that active in the last year which is a real shame as he seems like a talent.

Jade Bornea

As for how far he can go? i’m not sure yet though I would bet good money that he at least challenges for a title within the next two to three years if not wins one. Apart from the eye test you can also look at his amateur record and see that he beat Murodjon Akhmadaliev who is fighting for two world titles later tonight. This doesn’t necessarily means he’ll have success at the top level but its certainly a good sign. Whether he makes it all the way to the top or not i’ll be watching his fights from now on because he seems like he has a really entertaining fan friendly style

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