Leandro Jose Blanc : Prospect profile

Leandro Jose Blanc is a 2016 Olympian and 2-0 pro from Argentina. He competes in the Light Fly division though has made minimum weight before. He turned pro in september of 2019 and looks like he’ll be an active pro as he fights for the second time in three months this weekend. This is a new format I want to do where I find a prospect thats relatively unknown and give people some information on them and what they can expect in the future. He’s 26 so his promoters don’t need to move him quickly but it looks like they will anyway because in his third fight he will fight for the south american Light Fly title.

Blanc has good movement but doesn’t waste energy jumping about like you see a lot of the Kazak and Uzbekistan prospects do. He uses that good movement to stay in range and cut off the ring as his opponents are often taller than him. One of his strengths is counter punching which he used effectively in his pro debut and also his amateur bouts. Hes decent at cutting off the ring but has struggled to do so in the past vs for example Temirtas Zhussupov in the amateurs. He has a jab but he doesn’t use it that often instead mostly lunging in with well timed hooks that to be fair to him normally connect.

In his professional debut he fought Miguel Maciel another fighter making his debut. Maciel came to win and was pushing Blanc back in the first round while landing some decent shots. After the first Blanc started to get into the fight by countering Maciel as he came forward and this was where the amateur pedigree started to show. In the third Blanc continued improving and it looked like Maciel was starting to fade after his non stop punching in the first two rounds. In the fourth and final round they exchanged hooks and Blanc’s hook got there first and down went Maciel, he got up but the fight was waved off after Blanc put some pressure on which lead to Maciel holding and the ref deciding he’d seen enough. You could say it was an early stoppage but it was clear that Maciel was done and the ref really saved him from another 40 to 50 seconds of punishment. This was one of the hardest pro debuts for an Olympian that I’ve seen so far as it was an all out war between two people that came to win. We see too many good prospects bundled in cotton wool for their first few fights and they don’t learn anything unlike what Blanc would have learnt on his pro debut. Blanc showed a lot of heart and grit in that fight as it didn’t start the way he would have wanted too but he dug deep and got the job done which I was impressed with considering it was his debut. He needs to work on his defense which i’m sure he will in time and whether his defense improves or not I think he’ll be in a lot of exciting fights for the fans in the future.

Blanc connect with the hook that put Maciel down

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