Travell Mazion : One to watch in 2020 and beyond.

Travell Mazion

Travell Mazion is an impressive 6,2 super welterweight who has been progressing under the radar since 2013 though in the last two years hes been much more active and has started to step up his competition. Mazion has decent power but what really hurts his opponents is his combinations that hide the shots which put his opponents down.

Tonight he faced Fernando Castaneda a tough veteran that was supposed to take him rounds however within the first round he had Castaneda down from a vicious body shot that Castaneda didn’t see coming. Mazion threw upstairs first to get Castaneda’s hands up before sinking in a sickening liver shot from which Castaneda couldn’t recover.

I think after a statement win like he just had that he will be stepped up a level however theres no rush as he’s only 24 and has plenty of time to progress. I like that he’s been very active recently as well and that Golden Boy seem to be investing in him and getting him some good names at this point in his career.

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