Jaime Munguia vs Liam Williams : One to make in 2020

After Munguia’s win at the weekend there’s a lot of debate about who he should face next whether that be another top 20 guy or straight into a big fight with the WBO champ Andrade. Munguia looked liked he’d improved in his win over Gary O’Sullivan but he still lacks a good defense and after a few rounds goes back to his usual style of boxing. Morales is improving him but he needs a few more fights before they put him in for a title at middleweight in my opinion. They also need him to be in competitive but winnable fights and thats where this fight with Liam Williams comes from. Williams is currently on a good run in the middleweight division and will be a hard outing for anyone but at the same time he is beatable especially by someone Munguia’s size.

Jaime Munguia

Both fighters are in their prime and big punchers so for fans this would be a great fight to watch and it would also crown a clear number one contender in the middleweight division which needs one. One of the biggest reasons this fight makes sense however is because Munguia is the mandatory challenger for the WBO and Liam Williams is highly ranked due to his last fight which was billed as an eliminator for the WBO title. Williams has also called for the fight to be made on social media which is a good sign though you have to take it with a grain of salt because Williams has called out lots of people with no results so far. Another reason it might not happen is because they are with different promoters however this might not be a problem because Williams is based in the UK and so isn’t directly aligned with a US Promoter making the fight easier to make. If this fight does happen its likely it’ll take place in the USA on Dazn as Munguia has more commercial draw and also a bigger promoter backing him up.

I think its unlikely this fight happens unfortunately as I think Munguia and his team will either pick someone else as a developmental fight or they’ll send an offer and Williams will turn it down saying he’s being underpaid. If the fight does happen I think Munguia likely wins by using his jab and heavy hands to wear Williams down in what would be an absolute slug fest which is why as fans we’d be in for a treat.

Liam Williams

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