Claressa Shields attempts to break world record for the least amount of fights to become a three division champ.

Claressa Shields

Later on tonight Claressa Shields will take on Ivana Habazin for two vacant 154 pound belts. If she wins this she will become the fastest fighter in the history of the sport to do so. Faster than even Lomachenko who is regarded as one of the pound for pound best in the world. Obviously there isn’t as much competition in the women’s divisions because there are less fighters and especially at the weight classes that Shields fights at. But this doesn’t take away from her achievements as from her first fight til now she has only fought the best in her divisions and has achieved so much considering she is only 24 years old. If from her pro debut they had thought about breaking this record its likely it could have been done in 6 fights or less but instead she has fought to become undisputed at middleweight and also unified at super middle.

I think that she’ll win this fight and continue on her path to becoming the best women’s boxer to ever live which she is very capable of doing because of how long she has left in her career. The other top Women’s fighters are all in their 30’s now and so they are much more limited in what they can achieve while with Claressa its likely that within the next two years she would have run out of people to fight with years remaining on her career. I hope she wins tonight because its good too see boxers take risks and look to unify titles and win new ones in different divisions.

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