Kosei Tanaka versus Sho Ishida breakdown

This is a good fight and a hard one for Tanaka to take after suffering a knockout loss in his last fight. Sho Ishida has challenged for a world title and his only other loss is to highly rated contender Israel Gonzalez on a split decision. Sho Ishida is tall for the weight and hasContinue reading “Kosei Tanaka versus Sho Ishida breakdown”

Sho Ishida versus Toshiya Ishii breakdown

This is a really interesting fight between two Japanese fighters who are at very different stages of their careers. Ishida has challenged for world titles and mixed with good fighters at world level while Ishii is only 3-0 but is being fast tracked to the top. Sho Ishida has a lot of experience which isContinue reading “Sho Ishida versus Toshiya Ishii breakdown”