Sho Ishida versus Toshiya Ishii breakdown

This is a really interesting fight between two Japanese fighters who are at very different stages of their careers. Ishida has challenged for world titles and mixed with good fighters at world level while Ishii is only 3-0 but is being fast tracked to the top.

Sho Ishida has a lot of experience which is shown in his record of 28-2. He also has 166 rounds boxed while Ishii only has 11 which is a huge difference. Ishida has a nice jab though doesn’t follow it up with another punch very often and doesn’t throw in combination on a regular basis. He’s tough and has a good chin which makes up for his average defence. He can move and box decently though he does seem stuck between styles where hes not sure whether he wants to outbox his opponents or out slug them.

Toshiya Ishii has a good jab himself which seems a bit more accurate than Ishida’s though he hasn’t faced the same level of competition so it could be due to that. He seems to have a lot of power in his punches but doesn’t load up on shots. His defence is a bit sloppy as his hands drift a bit low and he gets tagged in exchanges. So far this hasn’t been a problem but Ishida is a lot better than his other opponents and could exploit this. He’s the smaller fighter and its yet to be seen how his stamina holds up over eight rounds especially in a highly competitive fight which this will be.

Toshiya Ishii

I think over eight rounds this will be a very close fight but I think Ishida’s experience combined with his height should be enough for him to win a decision after coming on strong late in the fight. If Ishii wins a decision after claiming the early rounds then I wouldn’t be surprised as hes clearly very good I just think this might be a bit too soon for him.


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