Roger Gutierrez versus Rene Alvarado 3 breakdown

The second fight between these two was great and I expect the third to be more of the same. Gutierrez is the bigger puncher of the two and scored three knockdowns in their last fight. Alvarado was out-working Gutierrez in a lot of the rounds he didn’t get knocked down in but lost the fightContinue reading “Roger Gutierrez versus Rene Alvarado 3 breakdown”

Rene Alvarado versus Roger Gutierrez breakdown

This should be an exciting fight for however long it lasts as both are action fighters. I think Rene Alvarado will repeat what he did in their first fight and win by knockout. He’s a good boxer with a relentless style and I think that will be enough to wear Gutierrez down who while beingContinue reading “Rene Alvarado versus Roger Gutierrez breakdown”