Roger Gutierrez versus Rene Alvarado 3 breakdown

The second fight between these two was great and I expect the third to be more of the same. Gutierrez is the bigger puncher of the two and scored three knockdowns in their last fight. Alvarado was out-working Gutierrez in a lot of the rounds he didn’t get knocked down in but lost the fightContinue reading “Roger Gutierrez versus Rene Alvarado 3 breakdown”

Rene Alvarado versus Roger Gutierrez breakdown

This should be an exciting fight for however long it lasts as both are action fighters. I think Rene Alvarado will repeat what he did in their first fight and win by knockout. He’s a good boxer with a relentless style and I think that will be enough to wear Gutierrez down who while beingContinue reading “Rene Alvarado versus Roger Gutierrez breakdown”

Rene Alvarado the comeback king.

Rene Alvarado is someone that a few years ago you would have called a gatekeeper and perhaps started to question whether he should think about hanging the gloves up. Fast forward to now and hes on an eight fight win streak and has claimed the WBA regular title at super featherweight. That regular title shouldContinue reading “Rene Alvarado the comeback king.”