Petr Khamukov versus Marco Delgado breakdown

Khamukov was a good amateur who has made a very slow start to his pro career. He’s 6-0 with two knockouts but hasn’t faced anyone of note yet. Marco Delgado has become a test man for prospects in recent years, winning some and losing some which has led him to a record of 7-2 withContinue reading “Petr Khamukov versus Marco Delgado breakdown”

Joseph Ward versus Marco Delgado 2 breakdown

It’s good that this fight is happening as the first fight left a bad taste in my mouth due to how it ended. Joseph Ward was winning the fight comfortably behind his jab when due to no fault of his own his knee popped out of position badly which meant he couldn’t continue. The fightContinue reading “Joseph Ward versus Marco Delgado 2 breakdown”