Joseph Ward versus Marco Delgado 2 breakdown

It’s good that this fight is happening as the first fight left a bad taste in my mouth due to how it ended. Joseph Ward was winning the fight comfortably behind his jab when due to no fault of his own his knee popped out of position badly which meant he couldn’t continue. The fight went down as a TKO 2 win for Delgado but that result doesn’t reflect what actually happened in the fight.

Joseph Ward was a great amateur who had a lot of international success and is now 2-1 as a pro. He recently went to Mexico and picked up two wins against less than stellar opposition. He is now looking to avenge his only professional loss more than a year after it took place. Ward has a good jab and one-two from the southpaw stance. He throws those punches the most but also works in a variety of body punching and hooks upstairs.

Marco Delgado is a tough and spirited fighter but compared to Ward is fairly basic. He throws big hooks and will try to rough his opponents up but lacks a good jab and solid fundamentals.

Marco Delgado

Judging from their first fight Delgado will struggle to get close to Ward due to being on the end of his jab constantly. He was getting hit consistently and if Ward hadn’t injured himself I think Delgado would have lost by knockout. I see Ward working behind the jab and stopping Delgado in the 5th or 6th round. He’s better all round and I can’t see how Delgado lands his hooks consistently when hes getting jabbed by the bigger man all fight long.


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