Isaac Cruz Gonzalez versus Francisco Vargas breakdown

This should be a fairly fun fight as both are action fighters who care little for defence. Gonzalez has come out of nowhere in the last year and scored three good wins in a short amount of time. If he wins this fight then he could be in the running to fight some of theContinue reading “Isaac Cruz Gonzalez versus Francisco Vargas breakdown”

Isaac Cruz Gonzalez versus Jose Matias Romero breakdown

This is a good fight between two young lightweights who are getting close to title shots or at least big fights. Isaac Cruz Gonzalez is a short lightweight but comes forward and throws with real power which has led him to 15 knockout wins in 20 victories. Jose Matias Romero is 24-0 but only hasContinue reading “Isaac Cruz Gonzalez versus Jose Matias Romero breakdown”