Isaac Cruz Gonzalez versus Francisco Vargas breakdown

This should be a fairly fun fight as both are action fighters who care little for defence. Gonzalez has come out of nowhere in the last year and scored three good wins in a short amount of time. If he wins this fight then he could be in the running to fight some of the bigger names at lightweight. For Francisco Vargas this is probably his last chance to get to a world title fight as he’s 36. Vargas was a good fighter in his prime but in my opinion has regressed a lot in recent years and if he loses this fight should think about retiring after a good career.

Francisco Vargas

I think Isaac Cruz Gonzalez will be too quick for Vargas who has definitely regressed in recent years. I imagine it’ll be a war for how long it lasts but Gonzalez’s punches will get to the target first and Vargas will be broken down within five or six rounds with his corner throwing in the towel.


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