Fabio Turchi versus Dylan Bregeon breakdown

This is a solid European level Cruiserweight fight between Fabio Turchi and Dylan Bregeon. Fabio Turchi only has one loss in a close fight with Tommy McCarthy and has bounced back from that loss with a solid win over Nikolajs Grisunins. Dylan Bregeon is moving up in levels for this fight as before he hadContinue reading “Fabio Turchi versus Dylan Bregeon breakdown”

Fabio Turchi versus Nikolajs Grisunins breakdown.

I expect this fight to be competitive early on and then Turchi to take over late because of his power. Nikolasjs Grisunins was a good amateur and has decent technical skills but to me it looks like he left his best years behind in the amateurs. Fabio Turchi is in his prime and should beContinue reading “Fabio Turchi versus Nikolajs Grisunins breakdown.”