Fabio Turchi versus Dylan Bregeon breakdown

This is a solid European level Cruiserweight fight between Fabio Turchi and Dylan Bregeon. Fabio Turchi only has one loss in a close fight with Tommy McCarthy and has bounced back from that loss with a solid win over Nikolajs Grisunins. Dylan Bregeon is moving up in levels for this fight as before he had only fought in France and just won the French title via decision.

I think Fabio Turchi has more power and much more experience however still has some flaws which Bregeon could take advantage of. I think Turchi gets hit a decent amount and for being a 6,2 southpaw isn’t nearly as awkward for fighters as he should be. Bregeon has a fairly normal style and is an orthodox fighter.

Dylan Bregeon

Fabio Turchi will in my opinion take Bregeon’s zero and win a decision after twelve rounds in a competitive fight. I think Turchi’s experience and power will prevail in the end.


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