Joseph Parker versus Dereck Chisora 2 breakdown

I’m hoping this second fight between the two will be slightly more entertaining than the first fight as beyond the first round knockdown the fight played out the same in every round.

I think this fight will likely go similarly to the first with Dereck Chisora moving forwards constantly and Parker trying to find space to get his punches off. Parker has come into this fight at his career heaviest which suggests one of two things. He’s either not been training properly and has ballooned up in weight or hes coming in heavy to try and stop Chisora. I think it’s likely the second as he is training with Andy Lee and Tyson Fury who used the same tactic versus Wilder recently in an effort to stop him.

Joseph Parker

I thought Chisora won the first fight but is unlikely to make any adjustments in this fight so Parker should have the advantage coming into the fight. Chisora will win the early rounds before gassing out and getting out-boxed by Parker enough for Parker to win a close but clear decision. I’ve been disappointed with Parker’s performances for the past few years but I’ve realized this is just his level and it’s not a lack of killer instinct.


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