Dilshodbek Ruzmetov to make pro debut versus Maxim Smirnov

Ruzmetov had a good amateur career which culminated in him taking part in the 2021 Olympics. He won some sort of local amateur tournament in Uzbekistan just a few days ago which leaves him less than a week turn around to then make his pro debut. I think after watching Ruzmetov in the Olympics that he’ll make a decent pro and has some upside considering he’s only 22. I think he has a style that will adapt to the pro game fairly quickly compared to other fighters from Uzbekistan.

Ruzmetov should have no problems in his debut as while Smirnov is a tough journeyman he simply isn’t good enough to beat any top amateur or prospect. Smirnov hasn’t won a professional boxing match in over a decade so I would be very shocked if he could turn that around here. I’m looking forward to Ruzmetov’s pro career as he was one of the fighters I was impressed with in the Olympics.


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