Sultan Zaurbek versus Ryan Wheeler breakdown

Zaurbek is starting to come towards his prime as a fighter and has looked excellent in his recent fights. Ryan Wheeler doesn’t seem to have any power to speak of and lost by stoppage in one of only 3 fights against competition with winning records. One of those other fights was a draw on his debut and then a win against Jamie Speight who was 15-14 at the time. I don’t like discrediting fighters and Wheeler can probably be in some fun fights at area level but hes out-matched in this fight.

Zaurbek simply does everything better than Wheeler who won’t be able to stop Zaurbek coming forward and breaking him down due to his lack of power. The one thing Wheeler has in his favour is he’s a 5 foot 10 southpaw which isn’t something you see very often at Super Lightweight. I expect Sultan Zaurbek to win this fight by stoppage in the first half of the fight due to his superior skill set and the power differential between the two being so high.


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