Dmitry Bivol versus Umar Salamov breakdown

This is a good fight in the Light Heavyweight division between two top 15 fighters. Dmitry Bivol is the WBA Light Heavyweight world champion and is defending his title versus Salamov who is 26-1 and on a good run of form. Salamov was supposed to take part in a tournament to fight for the WBO world title but had to pull out because of Covid and then lost a title shot when the champion Joe Smith Jr had a case of Covid case himself.

Dmitry Bivol is an excellent technical fighter who isn’t good on the inside but judges the distance well.

Umar Salamov is a big man for Light Heavyweight and if he can use that size like Craig Richards did to make Bivol not throw many punches then he could make the fight close.

I personally think Bivol will likely be to skilled for Salamov and will win a decision after 12 rounds. The fight will likely be an 8-4 or 7-5 type of fight due to Salamov’s size.


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