Hamzah Sheeraz versus Bradley Skeete breakdown

This could be a solid test and fight for Hamzah Sheeraz if Skeete has benefited from his lay off from the sport and recent move up in weight. In the last few year’s of Skeete’s career he looked like a fighter that should probably retire and he did just that. He’s recently come back and picked up a stay busy stoppage win while telling everyone the time off has done him good and he’s properly back now. Hamzah Sheeraz is a good prospect at super welterweight who has a lot of physical advantages over most opponents as hes huge for the weight class.

I think Skeete will probably look good in this fight until he gets caught with something clean after three or four rounds and falls apart. It’s hard too see him lasting in this fight after watching his last two significant fights where he was stopped early on. Sheeraz is a decent puncher but also doesn’t rush his work so Skeete won’t have many opportunities to score with big punches and turn the fight around.

Bradley Skeete

I think Hamzah Sheeraz will win by knockout in the 6th or 7th round due to being the fresher man who’s got a solid defence and can fight on the inside. Something that a 34 year old Skeete isn’t likely to like at this point of his career.


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