Dennis McCann versus Juan Jose Jurado breakdown

McCann, who is one of the best prospects in the UK, takes a step up in competition versus the experienced Jurado over eight rounds. McCann has looked excellent in all his fights so far and a lot is expected of him in the future by people involved in the sport. Jurado has become a bit of a journeyman in recent years and has lost four in a row though versus decent opposition.

Dennis McCann is the much bigger man in this match up and Jurado is moving up all the way to the featherweight limit for this fight after fighting most of his career at flyweight and super flyweight. McCann should have the size and power to stop Jurado fairly early in the fight in my opinion.

Juan Jose Jurado

Dennis McCann will win by stoppage in the first three or four rounds because Jurado won’t be able to take his punches due to being undersized at the weight and isn’t likely to be overly motivated after losing four in a row.


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