Tom Dzemski versus Michael Eifert 2 breakdown

I’m glad this rematch is happening as I felt Eifert clearly won the first fight but didn’t get the decision he deserved. Tom Dzemski is 17-0 with ten knockouts while Michael Eifert is 7-1 with two knockouts.

Eifert isn’t a big puncher but he makes up for that with the amount of punches he throws and his aggressiveness. He loves to throw the overhand right and sometimes he throws it with good technique where he’ll bend his elbow at the end when he’s in close to really punch down on his opponents. Often it’s thrown with fairly bad technique but in his first fight with Dzemski it was still landing cleanly throughout the contest. Early on in fights he’ll double jab a lot but as the fight progresses he’ll only throw single jabs to set up punches and also to make his opponents reset. He throws decent combinations but stands in front of his opponents after punching and doesn’t take many angles. His defence consists of some sporadic upper body movement which he often forgets to use. He likes to throw the left hook to the body both before and after he throws right hooks/overhand rights. He got a little tired at the end of their first fight but nothing desperate and it only effected his punch output and his willingness to clinch more often.

Michael Eifert

Tom Dzemski doesn’t throw many punches when his opponent is pressing the action and didn’t do well with the pace that Eifert set in their last fight. He’s very limited defensively as he has almost no head movement and no upper body movement at all. He holds his left hand low and it gets progressively lower as he fights which leaves him wide open for the right hand. I’ve noticed he has a strong jab when he uses it but simply doesn’t throw it enough and this is a problem for him in general as he was severely outworked in the pair’s first fight. I don’t think hes that creative offensively though he places the left hook well to the body. He didn’t have a plan B when the pair first fought and he started losing which I think will likely remain the same in this fight. I thought he lost 78-74 in the first fight and at best you could give him three rounds.

I don’t see this fight being much different to the first fight as I don’t think Dzemski deals well when people set a good pace and pressure him which is what will happen in this match up. Eifert is simply willing to let his hands go and due to Dzemski’s left hand being low he lands the right hand at will. I expect Eifert to get revenge and win a decision after ten rounds.


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