Fiodor Czerkaszyn versus Damian Ezequiel Bonelli breakdown

This is a good fight for Czerkhaszyn’s progression towards the top as a middleweight as Bonelli is coming off a good upset win and has faced a host of good names as a pro. Czerkaszyn is a middleweight prospect who I think has promise and can make it to world level with the only real worry being his potential lack of power. Bonelli is a tough journeyman who gives fighters rounds but has only pulled off an upset once.

Fiodor Czerkaszyn is a good technically and is more of a boxer than a puncher as he puts his combinations together well while breaking his opponents down. Bonelli is tough but fairly limited in my opinion.

Damian Ezequiel Bonelli

I think Fiodor Czerkaszyn will win this fight by decision after eight rounds due to being technically better and being much better both offensively and defensively.


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