Erickson Lubin versus Jeison Rosario breakdown

This is an excellent fight which will likely crown the next title challenger at 154 pounds as Lubin is on a good run and Rosario is a former champion coming off a loss in a unification fight. Erickson Lubin has good technical skills and also possesses power though has shown a questionable chin and a defence which clearly has holes in it.

Jeison Rosario is a huge puncher who has also shown that he can be knocked out and most importantly worn down by certain fighters. Rosario is big at the weight and while his defence is certainly questionable and hes not the most technically adept I do think he has the power to knock Lubin out cold. He is also an underrated counter puncher though looks almost insulted when people punch back at him.

Jeison Rosario

In Lubin’s fight versus Terrell Gausha he was clearly hurt multiple times and quite badly by a fighter who isn’t known for his punching power. I also think it showed that Lubin doesn’t often see the overhand right coming and Rosario is no stranger to throwing that punch with power.

I think after Lubin looks good early on he’ll switch off for a second and get caught by a massive punch from Rosario which will lead to him being stopped and Rosario winning by knockout.


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