Batyr Akhmedov versus Algenis Mendez breakdown

This is a decent fight between former champion Mendez who desperately needs a win and Batyr Akhmedov who is trying to make a statement to get back into the top mix at super lightweight after a questionable loss to Mario Barrios.

Batyr Akhmedov is a technically good pressure fighter who throws a lot of punches and clearly possesses power. He’s put on good performances recently and looks to be a good contender at the weight.

Algenis Mendez hasn’t won since 2018 but has 30 hard rounds since coming out with two draws and a loss. At 34 and a long career I think he’s got to the stage where he gets brought in to test prospects and contenders. I think he’ll struggle to keep up with the pressure that Akhmedov puts out and probably doesn’t have the power to seriously hurt him.

I think Batyr Akhmedov will be the second person to stop Mendez due to his pressure and offensive arsenal.


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