Liam Wilson versus Francis Chua breakdown

This is a good fight between two Australian Super featherweights who are early in their careers. Liam Wilson is a prospect in the 130 pound division that I have my eye on and I think if he keeps progressing he can make it to world level. Francis Chua is 8-1-1 and traded wins versus Kye MacKenzie who is one of the better Australian super featherweights.

Liam Wilson is better technically but most importantly he has a lot more power and has been ruthlessly running through opponents in his recent fights. Chua isn’t technically bad and being a southpaw he can be a bit awkward for Wilson but he doesn’t have much power.

Francis Chua

I think Liam Wilson will make a statement and be the first fighter to stop Francis Chua. I think his power will overwhelm Chua in five or six rounds.


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