Jose Armando Resendiz versus Quilisto Madera breakdown

This is a good match up between prospect Jose Armando Resendiz (11-0, 8 knockouts) and Quilisto Madera (12-2, 8 knockouts). This is the American debut of Resendiz who has built his record against domestic competition in Mexico so far where he’s looked good. Quilisto Madera was once a prospect but two upset losses have set him back to having to become a B-side for up and coming prospects.

Jose Armando Resendiz throws good hooks to both the head and body and actually stays defensively responsible with his hands up the majority of the time. He punches fairly hard and while he hasn’t beaten anybody with a great record he has stopped a few fighters that gave other fighters a lot of trouble. He’s only 22 which is young for any fighter but especially at Super Middleweight where boxers tend to come into their prime around 26 or 27 rather than earlier.

Quilisto Madera isn’t a bad fighter and is fairly good technically but has shown that he can fall apart versus fairly average competition. In his knockout loss he was doing well but got caught by a big punch and I can see the same thing happening here.

Quilisto Madera

I think Jose Armando Resendiz will win by knockout because hes got more power and has proven that he can handle better competition. I also think Madera isn’t great defensively and will get caught by something big at some point.


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