Carlos Caraballo Rodriguez versus Leonardo Baez breakdown

This is a really good fight between exciting prospect Rodriguez who is 13-0 with 13 knockouts and Leonardo Baez who has caused a lot of upsets and is 18-3 with 9 knockouts.

Carlos Caraballo Rodriguez is a fighter who’s shown good power so far though has fought limited competition so it’s hard to tell how real it is. He’s decent fundamentally and had a respectable amateur career. Leonardo Baez is big for the weight and hits decently hard himself. He’s not technically the best but hes tough and will keep coming forward throwing a mixture of body and head shots.

Leonardo Baez

I personally feel the rapid step up in competition will shock Rodriguez who has moved slowly over four years and Leonardo Baez’s pressure will be too much for him. Baez has been active while Rodriguez hasn’t fought for a while. I think Leonardo Baez will win by decision after eight rounds.


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