Abimael Ortiz versus Eduardo Baez breakdown

This is a good fight between undefeated prospect Abimael Ortiz who is 8-0-1 with 4 knockouts and Eduardo Baez who is acting as a gate keeper even though he has a good record of 18-1-2 with 6 knockouts.

Abimael Ortiz

Eduardo Baez is a come forward fighter who throws a lot of punches and is tough as old boots. He’s technically better than hes given credit for and is massive for a Super Bantamweight which may be his major advantage. He also spars and trains with Roman Gonzalez which is great experience for him. Abimael Ortiz is a decent boxer but is facing his first major test in my opinion. I think this fight will come down to Ortiz being to small and Eduardo Baez will win by decision after eight rounds due to his volume and size which will overwhelm Ortiz.


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