Maricela Cornejo versus Alma Ibarra breakdown

This is a decent fight though one where I see a clear favorite. Maricela Cornejo has had two fights with Franchon Crews who is a world champion and while she didn’t win she was competitive. Alma Ibarra also fought for a world title though wasn’t all that competitive. The biggest difference in this fight is that Cornejo is a natural Super Middleweight and has fought at the weight class for a long time while Ibarra is a natural Super Welterweight who has fought as low as Welterweight in the past. This will be Ibarra’s first time fighting at Super Middleweight and her first time fighting above Super Welterweight.

Alma Ibarra

I expect Maricela Cornejo to win by decision due to being the bigger more experienced fighter. Ibarra might win a round or two but will end up being to small in the end.


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