Alberto Machado versus Angel Fierro breakdown

This is a decent fight for both fighters though for Machado it’s more of a routine fight and for Fierro its an unexpected opportunity after losing his most recent step up fight.

Alberto Machado has now moved up in weight after getting stopped twice to the body at Super Featherweight. He clearly struggled with the weight and that’s why he was so weak to the body. He’s a big puncher with decent fundamentals and has competed at world level before.

Angel Fierro has mostly fought journeymen in Mexico and in his only real step up fight lost to Alex Martin who isn’t a bad fighter but isn’t on the level of Machado. He’s been dropped by lesser punchers than Machado and is also taking this fight on short notice.

Angel Fierro

I see Alberto Machado winning this fight by stoppage within six rounds due to having a lot more power and also being better fundamentally. He’s performed at a higher level than Fierro and I expect him to win this fight comfortably.


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