Souleymane Cissokho versus Daniel Echeverria breakdown

This isn’t a good fight and I find it worrying that Cissokho is still fighting this level of competition when hes 29 and 11-0. He’s a 2016 Olympian with a long amateur background so I really don’t understand why hes fighting journeymen opponents at this stage of his career still. Daniel Echeverria is the fighter you bring in to test your prospect in their first step up not a guy you give to an Olympian who’s already beaten better or equivalent fighters. To make matters worse Echeverria is being made to come up to Super Welterweight for this fight. If Cissokho was fighting every three months then this wouldn’t be as bad but hes been very inactive and needs to speed up if he wants to get a title shot at this point.

I think Souleymane Cissokho will win by knockout within six rounds due to being better all round.

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